Age restriction: The user will be asked to confirm their age on the entry form if you set an age limit.

Geographical restrictions: Enter the country you want the promotion to be accessible in. Leaving it blank means it can be accessed from all countries. 

Moderation: Entries will be held in moderation for review upon submission. Only organizer approved content will be published.  

Entry Limits

Select the number of times the user can enter the promotion.

Options: per day, week, month, game (duration).

Social Entry Referrals: Grant entrants additional entries to your promotion if they refer a friend. When someone enters a promotion by clicking on a shared link, the person who shared the link will get additional entries (random draw only).

Note: The user will be entered again automatically. You can view multiple entries from the same user in the CSV export. Social entry referrals are only available in a random draw.



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