Why Does Strutta Ask for Permissions on Facebook?

Logging in with Facebook allows us to make your experience more personalized and social, and administer the promotion safely and securely. Here’s more information about the permissions the app requires upon login:

Depending on the promotion you are trying to access you could get asked for one of these permissions or all of them.

Your Public Info: This includes your name, profile picture, gender, user ID, whether you are over 21 or not, and any other information you made public on Facebook. Your info is used for administrative purposes and to pre-fill entry form fields.

Your Email Address: This is recorded as your account ID. We only use your email address to communicate with you about the promotion, unless you opt in to receive other communications on the entry form.

Note: Strutta Apps will never post to your Timeline automatically. Learn how to remove an application from your Facebook account here.



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