Drag and drop the elements on the left to the template on the right to start creating your promotion.

Once you drag and drop an element into the builder the editor will open. Use the editor to customize each element to match your branding. Within the editor you can edit the following:

1. Font colours

2. Font size

3. Font type

4. Line spacing

5. Create ordered lists, bulleted lists and paragraphs 

6. Youtube and Vimeo settings

7. Add & re-size images

8. Create borders , margins and padding around each element. 


Notes: These are optional features. You can leave some elements in the default setting to create a basic promotion site. If you have advanced design skills you can click on the 'CSS' tab and edit each element using code instead.

Tip: Once you have added an element to the builder you can click on it to open the editor at any time.


Use the drop-down menu in the top-right corner to switch between each page of the promotion site.


1. Home page - This is the initial page users will land on and you add the promotion description here. Use the editor to change the background colour and the colour/size of the text in this tab. You can also choose to hide these tabs from your site.

2. Thank You page - Your participants will be directed to a 'Thank You' page after entering the contest and prompted to share their entry. You can change the default message that appears on the Thank You page. The sharing tools will be added automatically to this page (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and email).

3. Entry page - This is the individual entry page where the media content can be viewed. This page is also where the user will vote (if you have public voting enabled). Sharing tools are included on this page to allow the user to share the individual entry to their social media networks.

4. Entries page -  The entries gallery is where contest entries live. You can change how many rows and columns appear on this page. Use the editor to change the background colour and the size/colour of the text in this tab.  You can also choose to hide these tabs from your site.

Note: The entries gallery & entry page is for contest sites only. Sweepstakes entries are collected in the dashboard but are not available for the public to see.


Manage Pages

Click the manage pages button to add additional pages (tabs) to your site and to edit the default page names. 

Click on the main navigation bar to edit the background colour, text colour and text size of the page names. Contests only.


Un-check each page name and re-check each one in the order you want them to appear in the navigation bar (left to right). On the live contest site, the home page will always open first by default.


Upload an intro image. This image can be any size and you can scale it to fit the space. For an exact fit use an image 720 x 405px or 16:9 aspect ratio.



Add the link to a Youtube or Vimeo video (16:9 aspect ratio).


1. Show suggested videos when video finishes. When a video ends, Youtube and Vimeo automatically show 'suggested videos' for the user to watch next. Un-tick this option if you do not want these videos to show after your video finishes.

2. Show player controls. Removing this option means the control panel on the bottom of the video will not be visible. The user will still be able to click the play and stop button.

3. Show video title and player actions. Removing this option means the video title and share features at the top of the video will be removed. 

* The settings in Youtube and Vimeo must be set to public for viewing and embedding.


Add a header with the title included to the top of your promotion site. 


Explain what your promotion is all about and outline any crucial details including your prize! You may also want to include tips on how to enter. 


Add a line break between the elements on the promotion site. 

Social Sharing

Add sharing tools to your promotion. If you choose to allow sharing users will be able to share your promotion via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr and email. A Strutta tracked URL will be added to the message automatically. 

*Twitter message -  max 140 characters.


Add a block of HTML or CSS code, click here to see a list of the codes we accept. This is where conversion or tracking pixels can be added.

Note: Advanced knowledge of CSS and HTML is needed to use this feature.

Entry Form

Design a form by adding entry fields.


1. Single line text answer

2. Multi-line text answer 

3. Checkboxes

4. Drop down

You can mark any question as a required field. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask but we recommend keeping it simple.

*The email address is a required field by default, it will be added to your entry form automatically. Set the max amount of characters for answers, 0 indicates no limit.


To display the question and the participant answer on the entry page select this option from the pages dropdown and tick the box beside the question you want to display. Contests only.




Add text to the footer of your site.  Use the editor to change the position of the privacy policy and rules links.

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