Managing your promotion

You'll gain access to your dashboard once you launch your promotion. Click on 'Dashboard' and then 'Manage' to access it.

Sections in your dashboard include:

1. Manage

2. Random Draw

3. Judging (contest only)

4. Prizes (instant win only)

5. All entries

6. Analytics 



1. Manage

Channels: Launch an HTML iframe that can be embedded directly within a page of your website. This option is ideal if you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, keep full website navigation, and maintain ad space. To install the iframe copy the promotion embed snippet and add it to your website.

Connect to Facebook

Click 'connect with Facebook' to install your promotion as a tab on your Facebook page. 

Select the Facebook page you want to install the app to.

Note: You must be a full manager of the Facebook page in order to install the promotion. Only one promotion per page can be installed.

Pause your promotion

Enabling this option will remove the entry form from your promotion so users can't enter. Once you want to start accepting entries again just turn it off and the entry form will become visible again.


2. Random Draw

When your random draw comes to a close you can use our random draw tool to generate a winner. You may randomly select any amount of winners at a time. After you have picked your winners, you can email them directly to let them know!  This tool also allows you do choose daily, weekly or monthly winners throughout your campaign.  

3.  Judging (contest only)

Drag and drop your winners in order and click the submit button. 

4. Prizes (instant win only)

Keep track of the prizes awarded to instant winners. Each winner will receive a verification code via email.


5. All entries

Entries: Export your user data as a CSV file. Click on each entry to view the entry details and the contest media. 



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